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The brightest star in your personal universe

Irresistible styling and sleek technological refinements make the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class the natural choice for the discerning driver.

The brightest star in your personal universe

Bristling with new technology, the new C-Class blends comfort and performance in a dynamic package. Photos: Mercedes-Benz

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sits at the intersection of aspiration and success. Now available in Singapore as C 180 and C 200, each one in either the stylish Avantgarde or the sporty AMG Line trim, the new C-Class cements its position as one of the most popular – and accessible – models in the luxury sedan market.

It offers a taste of Mercedes-Benz engineering at its best, with comfort, connectivity and control all coming together seamlessly. All this is possible thanks to technologies and features drawn from the flagship S-Class, the very brightest star of the Mercedes family.


Like the S-Class, the new C-Class’ proportions denote sleekness and luxury. Its proportions have increased slightly – the car is 65mm longer and marginally wider – but clever engineering and packaging have helped create a significantly roomier interior. The distance from the front axle to the windscreen, which car designers refer to as the “prestige measurement”, is also noticeably greater.

Distinctive LED headlights – with optional digital lamps that have an astonishing 1.3m pixels each for the most precise lighting possible – flank a front grille that is perfectly proportioned: Prominent and eye-catching, but not comically oversized.


The cockpit of the new C-Class is dominated by a vertically mounted 11.9-inch LED touchscreen and a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel that presents key information clearly to the driver.

If the exterior has a clear visual link with the all-conquering S-Class, the cabin establishes a technological link.

The upper section of the dashboard, styled after an aircraft wing, features flattened round air vents reminiscent of jet engine nacelles. As for the lower area, the vertically mounted, 11.9-inch LED touchscreen appears to float freely. Information is displayed clearly, which aids navigation. A bright 12.3-inch LCD screen stands in the driver area, making a clean break from the analogue past.  

Yet, the new C-Class would not be a Mercedes-Benz if it were not a paragon of comfort. Features such as the optional Energizing Packages transform the cabin into an oasis of well-being by coordinating the climate control, lighting and even fragrance delivery systems.

Six wellness programmes help invigorate a tired driver or soothe a stressed driver – there's a scent for every mood:

  • Freshness enlivens the vehicle interior using the climate control system to create an intensive airflow and stimulating ambience.
  • Vitality reinvigorates driver and occupants through the use of features like playing lively music.
  • The Warmth programme helps occupants enjoy a cosy, relaxing ambiance, which is especially useful on rainy days.
  • The Joy programme combines elements like yellow lighting and a stimulating fragrance to put occupants in the corresponding mood.
  • The Comfort programme is just as well-balanced, relying on violet lighting, relaxing sounds and a pleasant fragrance.
  • Only accessible when the car is stationary, Training offers useful videos that show occupants how to relax or loosen their muscles in the car.


While external dimensions are marginally larger than its predecessor, the new C-Class offers occupants considerably more interior space.

While the cabin is a personal oasis, the C-Class driver has never been more connected to the outside world, thanks to the MBUX 2.0 infotainment system. Its menu system is logical and intuitive – with the most commonly used functions like climate controls within immediate reach. Less frequently used features are still never more than a few taps away.

Spoken commands put any number of features at occupants’ beck and call. The intelligent Hey Mercedes digital assistant can even recognise individual voices. Other new features like Augmented Reality for Navigation in the C 200 overlay digital graphics and signs onto images of the real world so the driver always knows precisely where to go.

Connectivity means being able to make the most of what the virtual world has to offer, too.

The suite of digital services offered by Mercedes me connect puts interacting with the C-Class in the palm of the owner’s hand. Profiles are now stored in Mercedes me connect and authentication works either via a four-digit PIN or the fingerprint scanner in the control panel below the central display.

A dedicated smartphone app offers access to a quick snapshot of your car’s key statistics, like mileage, fuel level, tyre pressure and fluid levels. You can even send a destination straight to the car’s navigation system so you’re ready to go as soon as you start the engine. Owners can also locate their car and lock or unlock the car’s doors remotely.


Bearing a clear visual and technological link to the S-Class, features such as electrification are now standard across the new C-Class.

There’s more than one way for a driver to feel connected. The new C-Class offers a supreme sense of control, with taut yet comfortable suspension and a lovely feeling of precision behind the wheel.

The new C-Class even comes with rear-axle steering, another feature that has migrated from the world of large luxury cars. Depending on the car’s speed, its rear wheels steer in either the opposite or the same direction as the front wheels. This offers several advantages: A smaller turning circle, improved road-holding and increased agility.

The new engines also offer the best of both worlds. Electrification is now standard across the C-Class range, with a mild hybrid system based on a powerful electric starter-generator and 48V lithium-ion battery. It recovers energy usually wasted during deceleration and uses it to start the engine smoothly or provide a kick of torque for immediate acceleration.

The turbocharged engines are tuned to deliver 170hp in the C 180 AMG Line and 204hp in the C 200 Avantgarde, enough for satisfying, effortless performance.

These features signify a car without equal in its class, and the machine behind it makes it clear that the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is setting new standards while pushing boundaries.

Find out how performance melds with luxury and technology. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Center or call 62981818 to experience the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class for yourself.

Source: CNA