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Brunello Cucinelli’s latest womenswear collection spells a new direction in power dressing

Spring/Summer ’22 serves up athletic poise with impeccable materials and breezy silhouettes.

Brunello Cucinelli’s latest womenswear collection spells a new direction in power dressing

Go from day to night with an eye-catching bomber layered over a lightweight double-breasted linen blazer and matching pants. Photos: Brunello Cucinelli; Model: Yao Xin; Photography: Aaron Lin, Jayden Tan (Headquartors); Grooming: Benji Oo

Politicians Kamala Harris and Jacinda Ardern often sport finely tailored blazers. Fashion editor Anna Wintour has her antique riviere necklaces and unflappable bob. For many, a classic black dress paired with stilettos will do the job. The style expression of a modern woman may be varied but it’s often anchored in a visceral statement of confidence.

While structured looks and stoic materials are traditional assets, the evolving nature of activewear in fashion has resulted in sharp and invigorating interpretations. This International Women’s Day (Mar 8), it is opportune to remember that the influential women of today are a different breed, possessing as much candour as pluck.

The Italian tastemakers at Brunello Cucinelli have aptly addressed this evolution with its newest seasonal collection. Expect house hallmarks with luxurious materials and impeccable tailoring but updated with elevated sporty references. This is less athleisure as it is ath-couture, and it marks a new direction in power dressing.

Bedazzle with this embroidered dress in jute and cotton, and lighten up the vibe with neutral linen pants. 


Workplaces of today are no longer beholden to stiff, formal suits – even if it isn’t Friday. In fact, you think every weekday deserves an injection of vitality, and so from the wardrobe, you pick a jogger suit – mercerised fabric adding levity, ankle hems giving a subtly lighthearted edge.

As you put on your loafers, your phone chimes with a reminder for that long-awaited dinner date with the gals. It’s a Michelin-starred affair and you’re excited to get a little dressy. Unfortunately, your packed schedule limits a home change. You quickly recall that sequinned bomber in an elegant shade of lavender, which you can wear over the suit for a chic transformation. Such design foresight makes for effortless modular dynamism. Here, the ethos of athletic poise – so brilliantly captured by women like Winter Olympic gold medalist Eileen Gu - communicates an ambitious woman on the move and comfortable in her own skin.


A masculine jacket pairs spectacularly with a shiny jute-cotton top and flowy shorts.

Catching up was cherished, and the topic of the evening certainly had wings. The opportunity to once again engage in some leisure travel had everyone sharing their favourite destinations – even before that pear and pate appetiser was done.

Palermo was mentioned for its secluded beaches and inspiring ruins – a mix that stirs up those idyllic summer vibes. You’re thinking that some meshwork basketball shorts and a sand-coloured blouson would flatter in such a setting, but that sporty perforated vest in lame leather would be equally cute. Shelly couldn’t wait to return to Hoshinoya in Nagano with the resort’s natural hot springs, while Marie made her case for New York City for its pulsing nightlife and tantalising array of gourmet delights. You brought up Luzerne, citing sweeping vistas and Spring watch fairs that will have you notching up a few coveted pieces.

As you mentally packed your bags, soft flowy blouses and loose textured knits seem to make sense. Travel is all about ease and movement, and savvy tailoring and precious materials can exude a chic dignity in all settings. You made quick work of your in-flight get-up – a matching set of new denim, with sleeves and legs scrunched up for a devil-may-care flair. Underneath, a silk organza shirt provides contrast and comfort. You are ready for adventure.

A four-pocket denim jacket with baggy jeans let you jet-set in style and comfort.


The thought of travel stayed with you through the weekend, and while the excitement that comes with new discoveries is welcome, the draw of a mental retreat was just as appealing, especially when there’re so many nearby regional escapes. The woman of today is stretched in her roles, and the importance of maintaining a sense of holistic well-being cannot be overstated.

Resort chic wins the day with this flattering sand-hued cotton dress. 

The nonchalance of resort wear – less fussy but no less stylish – is in itself a balm for the soul. One-piece dresses keep you in the flow, while the convenience of pants is made comfortable with generous cuts and fluid lines. An evening affair can always be made enchanting with veils of metallic sequins or a bamboo green wrap skirt. That allure is so great, you decide to book that ticket. And just as it is with work and home, it was the best decision you made.


This International Women’s Day, Brunello Cucinelli gives extra consideration to the idea of femininity. The new missive comes through in easy forms with immaculate tailoring, along with luxury makes from sophisticated fabrication. There’s the energy from sporty references, but also geometric argyle and prints from the animal kingdom to arrest interest.

This androgynous get-up of balloon-sleeve shirt and structured linen pants with suspender straps showcases your fluid style. 

Luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie have transformed a generation of entertainment with their own brand of strength and charisma, and identifies with this statement of empowerment through the house’s many pieces. Others, like Kristen Stewart, redefine clothing boundaries with intrepidity, giving inspiration to pieces like the balloon sleeve cotton shirt paired with linen pants topped by dapper suspenders. Always understated, the emotional allure of Cucinelli transcends gender boundaries while borrowing from traditional responses of prestige.

This beauty in fluidity exemplifies the many roles a woman of today finesses with skill. For parties or presentations, the Brunello Cucinelli woman is clearly always an authentic mogul.

Witness this evolution of empowered dressing with Brunello Cucinelli at its stores in Paragon and Marina Bay Sands.