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Come home to The Distillery: The Macallan honours its bucolic Speyside heritage with a tribute bottle

The first edition in a new annual release series from the Home Collection celebrates the community and the natural beauty of Speyside, Scotland.

Come home to The Distillery: The Macallan honours its bucolic Speyside heritage with a tribute bottle

The inaugural bottle for The Macallan Home Collection salutes the distillery and is complemented by a set of giclee art prints by Macallan distillery worker and artist Colin Rizza. Photos: The Macallan

Sitting upon an emerald parcel of land by the River Spey in Scotland is the sprawling 485-acre Macallan Estate. It is there a close-knit community grew, tending to the lands since 1543 and ushering in a new age of scotch whiskies with the building of a distillery in 1824.

“Being part of the 200-year history and heritage of whisky-making at The Macallan Distillery is a truly unique experience,” said Ms Polly Logan, whisky maker at The Macallan. “Every day, we have the privilege of working in the most remarkable location, knowing that we still use the same time-honoured skills and traditions employed by generations of our predecessors, and at the same time, building on their legacy for the future.”

To celebrate its heritage, the estate has planned a limited release of fine single malt whiskies. The Macallan Home Collection – The Distillery is the first, a bottle that pays homage to the distinctive distillery in its beautiful surrounds as well as the community that has carved a global scotch brand with an impeccable reputation.


The Macallan Estate of today is a deftly managed one, balancing its tranquil environment with mindful developments and combining centuries-old techniques with forward-thinking vision. By the River Spey, carefully tended barley fields shimmer in the sunlight, the source of the estate’s pride. At the heart of it all sits the grand Easter Elchies House, built in 1700. Beside it, a brasserie, bar and distillery welcome visitors from all around the world.

Referencing the award-winning distillery in its inaugural bottle for The Macallan Home Collection was an ambitious choice. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the distillery is an architectural wonder with its undulating roof of native wildflowers, grass and herbs, cleverly melding the world-class workings beneath it with the scenic Speyside hills. In fact, the roof boasts one of the most complicated timber structures in the world, orchestrated from 380,000 individual components.

To imagine this in the new bottle, The Macallan team conjured a deep golden bottle with a nose that presents a warm welcome – an inviting fragrance of butterscotch, figs, dates, almond, polished oak and milk chocolate.

For the palate, something rich and complex: Butterscotch and oak spice tucked in with facets of ginger and vanilla, like discoveries made as one weaves through the building. The ginger lingers on into the finish and is accompanied with a grand memory of oak, alluding to the indelible impression left by the distillery.  

“The Macallan Home Collection – The Distillery describes sensorially the passion and pride we feel in our wonderful spiritual home,” explained Logan. “A gentle floral note gives a subtle nod to the beautiful landscape that forms The Macallan Estate, while the rich finish reflects the warm welcome that awaits here in the heart of Speyside.”


The allure of the idyllic Scottish countryside and The Macallan Estate is easily felt in person, but not as easily captured on paper. The task fell to Mr Colin Rizza – a resident Macallan distillery worker who now adds another feather to his cap, as box artist for the Home Collection.

The 64-year-old’s history with the estate reaches back generations, which grants him the insights needed to distil its charms. He has crafted caricatures of The Macallan partners, the Roca brothers of Michelin-starred El Celler de Can Roca, as well as other personal renderings for many of his beloved colleagues, with a distinctive style that complements the new release.

For The Macallan Home Collection – The Distillery, Rizza has created a dreamy watercolour depiction of the majestic structure amid the natural landscape, wrought from dozens of photographs and sketches. This artwork wraps around the box, as well as in a set of three limited-edition giclee art prints, exclusive to online boutique purchases.

“No matter the time of year, The Macallan is a magical place with scenic surroundings and amazing wildlife and the distillery building itself is a work of art,” the artist shared. “All the people are terrific. It’s like a family and it’s something that I’ll really miss when I retire, but it’s wonderful to know that when I do, my son will be continuing our legacy there.”

Discover the first-ever edition of The Macallan Home Collection – The Distillery.