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Customise your own sleep climate with the Tempur ActiveBreeze

It’s the luxury bedding solution perfect for the tropics.

Customise your own sleep climate with the Tempur ActiveBreeze

The Tempur ActiveBreeze aims to improve sleep by solving two pain points – ideal temperature and posture support. Photos: Tempur

Sleep can be elusive, as we all know. Some believe it’s because of generational lifestyle habits, while others blame that extra cup of coffee or tea. Then, there are pandemic-induced changes in lifestyle that have disrupted work routines, causing boundaries to blur and Singaporeans to sleep less than ever.

While bedding expert Tempur can’t become your personal life coach, it can help to improve one crucial element of good sleep – your bed. The ActiveBreeze premium bedding solution is its latest innovation, keeping you cool and supported through a proprietary design using material developed by NASA. For people living in the sweltering tropics, this could mean the difference between waking up bleary and waking up refreshed. 



Tempur ActiveBreeze aims to improve sleep by solving two pain points – ideal temperature and posture support. The innovative ActiveBreeze cooling system works with Tempur’s space-age viscoelastic cushioning to alleviate the fundamental problems of poor sleep environment and mattress support.

It may seem counter-intuitive to pile on layers when one wants to cool down, but in Tempur’s case, that’s exactly what was needed – all five of them. Built around its patent-pending ActiveAir customisable cooling sleep system, the ActiveBreeze combines the specialised abilities of each layer to optimise your sleep.

It starts with a foundation base that integrates ultra-silent fans, which push filtered air through a distribution layer. That air reaches the Tempur-APR support layer, which, as the name suggests, offers advanced pressure relief. The Tempur comfort and Tempur-APR support layers come together to provide the adaptive mattress experience Tempur has become known for. Both these layers have been updated with a ventilated design that allows distributed air to better reach the top layer. A SmartClimate 3D dual cover system completes the system with a cool-to-touch covering – a breathable, anti-microbial, zip-off layer that is machine-washable.

What all this engineering creates is a microclimate between your cover and sheets. It whisks away heat and humidity, giving you twice the coolness – a difference of up to five degrees Celsius, says Tempur.

And if you and your partner have ever had to reposition the fan or constantly meddle with air-conditioning settings, Tempur ActiveBreeze has the answer to your woes.

Each half of the mattress features a dedicated fan which, in Tandem Mode, provides three levels of intensity to suit each individual. Otherwise, Fan Sync Mode cycles through the levels throughout the night, while Step-Down Mode encourages faster sleep with a lower temperature for five hours before easing to a lower speed for a milder breeze in the middle of the night.

The features of ActiveBreeze combined prime bedtime to be that much more pleasurable, encouraging you to keep to regular sleep hours. And that results in a virtuous cycle of restfulness that will make sleep as restorative as it should be.



One of the best ways to experience Tempur ActiveBreeze is in the lush compounds of Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. In partnership with the hotel brand, Tempur has created an idyllic oasis of comfort that promises luxurious rest, pairing Amara’s tropical charms with state-of-the-art bedding for a unique staycation experience.

Step into your own private villa – the Tempur Suite – and find a romantic escape for couples or friends seeking a spot of indulgence. Guests will enjoy peace and quiet in their own little haven with a personal plunge pool.

Creature comforts come in the form of Tempur’s Ostuni convertible sofa – a decadent way to cosy up for a movie marathon or an intimate chat. Otherwise, pick out your perfect pillow and sink into the ActiveBreeze bed for a well-deserved rest. Try out functions like the TV-in-bed or Zero G positions to give yourself the right support for any occasion, or activate the body massage modes to soothe away aches and fatigue. When morning comes, you’ll wake naturally to the sound of birdsong, and be greeted by the surrounding greenery, fully refreshed.


The best part of the experience is not just discovering what a night of good sleep can do for you, but also knowing that you can choose to recreate your newly discovered bedding experience at home using Tempur’s ecosystem, and make restful slumber a nightly affair.

Find yourself in the cool embrace of the Tempur ActiveBreeze. Visit your nearest Tempur showrooms at  Tan Boon Liat Building or Nassim Road, or book your escape with Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.