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Devialet Dione comes to your home screen with sound you can’t stop looking at

The French audio tech company’s new all-in-one soundbar gives you a cinematic experience packaged in a slim, eye-catching design.

Devialet Dione comes to your home screen with sound you can’t stop looking at

Welcome to the epitome of immersivity – in soundbar form. Photos, video: Devialet

Devialet’s rise in the audio technology market has been nothing short of extraordinary. Within a span of 15 years, the brand has catapulted up the ranks beside seasoned stalwarts and carved a name for itself by marrying exceptional sound with iconoclastic design.

Newest to the portfolio is Devialet Dione – the maker’s first all-in-one Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 soundbar. Honouring the human ear’s incredible sensitivity to spatial cues, Devialet Dione presents deeply immersive experiences through an uncompromising approach to engineering with one aim: Your pleasure. 


It’s hard to believe that within the sleek profile of Devialet Dione are 17 autonomous high-end speaker drivers working to deliver the brand’s new sound chapter to home entertainment. Made of neodymium to provide ultra-sensitivity, the 17 are complemented by a further nine full-range aluminium drivers. They combine to produce a gripping soundscape rich with dynamic mid-range and crystal-clear treble.

Anchoring the Devialet experience are eight custom-built long-throw subwoofers that add visceral infrabass. This revolutionary flourish makes Devialet Dione the first all-in-one soundbar of its kind, granting sound you can not only hear, but feel deeply. Its clean form factor also makes the soundbar an easy addition to today’s modern homes, without requiring a great deal of space.

Moving past its hardware, Devialet Dione sports a 5.1.2 surround-channel configuration. This optimises your soundtracks spatially, so you can aurally locate every element on the screen. It harnesses five ground channels, a subwoofer channel and an extra two ceiling channels for room-filling cinematic sound.



Devialet products always make a visual impact. They turn heads, spark conversations and can never be ignored. This provocative design approach also fulfils a purpose. It’s where art and function harmoniously meet, and Devialet Dione finds its distinction in an orb seemingly cushioned by a soft metal bar.

Eye-catching looks aside, this is not just a decorative sphere. Together with Devialet’s patented Advanced Dimensional Experience (ADE) technology – a signal-processing algorithm that intelligently delivers multichannel audio restitution through beamforming techniques – the ORB enables the central sphere to adapt mechanically and acoustically to the position of the soundbar. This maximises sound restitution no matter where the soundbar is positioned, so sound delivery always stays pristine.

Whether placed on a console or wall-mounted, the Devialet Dione’s central ORB speaker will always find itself front-facing to do its work, held snugly by a streamlined main body. Measuring just 47x6.5x3.5 inches, the soundbar has been engineered to provide best-in-class audio immersion through an optimal performance-to-thinness ratio, which upholds both aural and design integrity.



Sound design is what completes the Devialet Dione audio experience. The 5.1.2 configuration aligns with Dolby Atmos to churn out enveloping and rousing soundscapes to immerse and move you. Soar through skies with the wind whistling in your ears, or feel the humidity as an explorer pushes past tropical flora wet from rain.

Even titles that come from an earlier era can benefit from Devialet Dione’s processing power. SPACE sound technology upscales older content – such as stereo-encoded 2.0 – and finesses it into a full-surround presentation.

But what of speaking pieces, such as documentaries and news pieces, where the spoken word is more crucial than music? Devialet Dione also caters to this with specialty modes – Movie, Spatial, Music and Voice – tailored to best align with each type.

Additionally, Adaptive Volume Level (AVL) technology is Devialet’s dynamic equaliser. It harmonises low sound levels depending on content in real time for a more enjoyable experience. You won’t have to worry about distorted explosion scenes or missing that whispered line. 

All this is made possible by the proprietary Devialet intelligence processor – an audio system on a chip (SoC) that powers much of Devialet Dione’s suite of cutting-edge systems. It orchestrates an end-to-end performance, from analogue-digital amplification to maximising bass and pressure levels while protecting the system.

Full control is always in your hands with the Devialet app. Tweak that room calibration even more to compensate for that odd corner in the room, or toggle among the specialty modes to find one that best pleases your ears. Defining your ideal set-up is easy with the intuitive interface.

“At Devialet, we thrive on creating extraordinary products that deliver unprecedented sound experiences,” shared CEO Franck Lebouchard. “We have pursued our vision of redefining the place sound holds in people’s lives through our unique amplifiers, Phantom speakers and true wireless earbuds. Now, Devialet Dione, our first soundbar, brings us even closer to our goal.”

Make your home theatre remarkable with Devialet Dione.