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Discover moments to live for, in the heart of the city

Mediacorp artistes Jean Danker and Ayden Sng share how they relax, refresh and reconnect while on a sojourn in Marina Bay Sands. 

Discover moments to live for, in the heart of the city

Staycations give radio personality Jean Danker a quick reprieve from her busy schedule. Photos and video: Mediacorp Studio 3

A sense of contemplation and self-reflection often accompanies us as we wind down for the year. A common question we ask ourselves is: What keeps us going and lends life meaning? 

For deejay Jean Danker and actor Ayden Sng, it’s about experiencing life to the fullest and cherishing each unrepeatable moment as it is. This could mean immersing in relaxing moments, taking in the beauty of nature, savouring a good meal, or simply just being fully in the present. 

Danker and Sng recently took time out of their busy schedules to rejuvenate and recalibrate at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Here’s an up close and personal look at what they experienced at the integrated resort. 


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Danker and Sng immerse in moments of leisure at MBS. 

Science tells us that we work and function better when we take breaks – that is why Danker believes that recreating those relaxing vacation vibes close to home makes for a fuss-free getaway. “Staycations afford me a quick reprieve from my work schedule,” she said. 

The 44-year-old broadcast thespian recently enjoyed a jaunt at MBS with her husband Glenn Ong. “I took joy in simple pleasures such as lounging around in my comfortable room and just letting my mind be still – it’s something I don’t get to do very often,” she said.   

When asked what stood out during her recent stay, Danker said: “MBS is as luxurious as it gets and its service is impeccable.” 

She’s also a fan of the hotel’s array of in-room amenities. Said Danker: “Packing light is my favourite thing, and I’m glad that I didn’t have to pack much for this staycation. It’s a bonus that many of my go-to restaurants are located here, literally just a hop downstairs.”


Danker enjoys chilling out at MBS' infinity pool and taking in the panoramic view.

Apart from luxuriating in the comfort of MBS’ plush rooms, Danker’s other favourite activity was spending time at the hotel’s infinity pool. “The expansive view from the top evoked a sense of calm and allowed my mind to further ease into vacation mode.”

She added: “The view is priceless – I feel incredibly lucky to be able to access this gorgeous infinity pool at our doorstep, when everyone else from around the world has to take a plane to Singapore to partake in this experience.” 

At MBS, Danker had more headspace to reflect on what fuels her. “I value interactions that involve genuine human connection,” she said “We live such fast, ever-changing lives that any time I experience an authentic exchange with another person, be it with a listener, friend or stranger, I hold them close to my heart.” 

With the daily grind, it is easy for one to be overwhelmed by the unrelenting work pace and responsibilities – that is why Danker feels that it is important for people to be kind to themselves. “Even if it feels daunting, go do one thing right now that says to you that you are living your best life,” she advised.  


Sng appreciates the cosy ambience of Wakuda and its nature-inspired setting.

Sng, too, feels that that life is too fleeting to squander away time. Referencing the Japanese proverb ichigo ichie – which can be translated as ‘one life, one moment’ – he believes that there is much to be said about immersing oneself in the now. It is this mindset that keeps Sng anchored, and reminds him to treasure the moments that come his way, be it at work, at play or even at the table. 

Like many Singaporeans, the fresh-faced actor loves his food. But if he were to pick a type of cuisine closest to his heart, it would be Japanese fare. “There is a certain elegance and finesse to Japanese food that resonates with me. I like how there’s a focus on the freshness of ingredients, and how the natural flavours of food are allowed to shine through,” he said, adding that the dining ambience matters as well. 

“I like to dine in environments that are quiet, intimate and have some form of connection to nature, be it through ambient music or interior furnishings,” Sng elaborated.

His recent dining experience at Wakuda at MBS encapsulated that and more. Sng shared that dining at the Japanese eatery by two-Michelin-starred chef Tetsuya Wakuda feels elevated, yet grounded, at the same time. “Chef Wakuda's interpretation of modern-day Japanese cuisine cleverly melds quintessentially Japanese fine dining with international produce. And while the restaurant’s ambience evokes a sense of sophistication, it is still very much committed to an authentic Japanese dining experience,” he said. 


Relaxing at a rooftop bar is one of Sng's ways of unwinding at the end of a work day.

For Sng, after-work drinks at a rooftop bar also make for a leisurely way to call it a day. Spago Bar and Lounge checks all the boxes, with its chillout vibes, extensive drinks menu and breathtaking views. 

“There’s nothing quite like having a drink in downtown Singapore where all the action is, and still be able to contemplate life from a distance,” he mused, alluding to the joint’s location on the 57th floor of MBS.  

Having recently turned 29, Sng is looking forward to all that life has to offer, and is determined to seize each day. “There’s no time like the present – thoroughly experience each and every moment, and don’t waste time on excessive planning and deliberation,” he said. 

Discover the moments that you live for at Marina Bay Sands