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Find deeper connections this reunion season with Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Express benevolent tidings and relish profound conversations this Chinese New Year.

Find deeper connections this reunion season with Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label features an intricately designed festive gift pack that marks the Year of the Tiger. Photos: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Chinese New Year unfolds in many forms – spectacular feasts, raucous blessings, joyous reunions with beloved kith and kin. But behind the festivities, there’s tradition and hopeful symbolism.  

For some, the occasion gives one a way to express benevolent tidings through choice offerings, and every act of hosting and giving is an opportunity to fill the season with discerning experiences and deeper conversations.   

Just as the blue ribbon – born of speedy liners and chivalrous orders – is an internationally recognised mark of quality, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a distinctive whisky that invites profound encounters in this season of reunions.   


From the type of malted grains to the shape of the copper stills, Scottish whisky has seen many iterations through the scrutiny of its makers as they examine and refine details of its arduous production process.

Helming from a grocer’s dream, Johnnie Walker has since enjoyed an illustrious presence as one of the world’s biggest whisky brands. Today, its portfolio includes many rare bottles of exceptional quality for the connoisseur to enjoy.

Of the seven flying the Johnnie Walker Colours, the Blue Label sits at the pinnacle – a rendition inspired by the founder’s son Alexander Walker in 1867 with its first commercial blend, the Old Highland Whisky.

While the premier showcased the importance of quality casks – scarce and overlooked in its era – Johnnie Walker Blue Label echoes the same theme of rarity. Crafted from hand-selected whiskies across the four corners of Scotland, the scotch boasts a velvety smooth sip with a vibrant profile – something bestowed by the remarkable reserves only 1 in 10,000 casks can provide at Johnnie Walker.

For a scotch of this calibre to fully reveal its depth, it demands the same of its drinker. The layers of enjoyment that speak of Speyside and Highland distilleries – a little warmth from Benrinnes, some delicacy from Cardhu and Clynelish, and signature smokiness from Islay – need consideration, whether as a group or by oneself.

For an occasion like Chinese New Year where gatherings abound, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label becomes an exalted gift that conveys respect – reminiscent of other prized delicacies such as abalone. As your guests settle into their sips, the nuanced and complex character of the rare blend will stir up lively banter and an appreciation for the finer things in life.



Cultural holidays like the Chinese New Year are also a time for heritage to surface. As decades of tradition come forth – seen in acts of tossing raw fish salads or the giving of red packets – one can also partake in a dram of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to conjure the legacy within.

Some of its casks hail from limited reserves of silent distilleries such as Port Ellen and Brora – otherwise known as ghost distilleries. Their irreplaceable quality makes them coveted for their profile contribution – in this case, varying degrees of peatiness that lend sophistication to the scotch.

Take in the bloom of dry spicy smokiness mingling with sweet raisin in the rounded nose and have a sip. You’ll find the Blue Label enters velvety, summoning an opening of vanilla, honey and rose petals, before moving into a zesty orange flavour with notes of hazelnut, caramel, sherry and dark chocolate. The signature Johnnie Walker finish is a luxuriously long smokiness that sweeps up the tail in an opulent way.

With such an intricate dance of flavours, it makes sense to delve into the bottle with other discerning guests, while finding new alignments in one another’s tastes.


Neat or on the rocks? That and more, the people at Johnnie Walker would say. While purists might not have it any other way, the beauty of having an exquisite bottle like the Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that its character continues to present itself in a kaleidoscope of ways through the introduction of different glassware, ingredients or even just ice.

Have a sip of iced water first to prep the palate, before exploring the blend through its facets. One of the most intriguing ways is to slowly savour one on the rocks in a tumbler glass. As the ice melts, it accentuates certain notes within the drink. And as the whisky warms to contact after the ice is gone, another set of flavours is unlocked.

This Chinese New Year holiday, relish extraordinary encounters and profound conversations, and demonstrate your remarkable depth with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Be made of depth. Be made of Blue. Give the gift of precious depth this Chinese New Year.