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For a new era: The Samsung Neo QLED TV is your portal to watch, work and play from

Choosing to stay home just became that much easier. Brought to you by Samsung

The uptick for home improvement trends has us all revisiting upgrades, given how much time the past year has kept us indoors. Today, our homes have become more than just a place of rest, but also a core activity hub of work and play. Could a television set bring it all together?

As the global No 1 television brand for 15 consecutive years*, Samsung has kept ahead by constantly revisiting the role of the screen and introducing technological breakthroughs that amplify its enjoyment for users. With the Neo QLED TV, the viewing experience receives new upgrades as well as features that improve upon common use scenarios – from an immersive gaming session to a professional video conference call at work.


Samsung Neo QLED TV 2

Samsung’s 2021 line-up of QLED televisions isn’t just about better visuals – striking as they are – but also an ethos that aligns to the paradigm shift in lifestyles last year.

Sports watch parties are happening in the comfort of homes as public bars face limitations, people are opting for streamed yoga lessons from their large screens, and the more ambitious have their video calls or presentations hooked up to their TVs. The home is now the hub.

Leading this fresh point-of-view are the Neo QLED TVs, available as flagship models in 8K and 4K formats. The sets pack innovation through cutting-edge hardware wizardry to deliver stunning imagery, technology that adapts to its content and environment, and smart algorithms to boost top-quality scenes.

At 1/40 the size of standard LEDs, Samsung’s Quantum Mini LEDs are what gives Neo QLED TVs their breathtaking clarity. Made up of thin micro layers of LEDs instead of a single lens, the light projection combines with the ultra-fine control from Quantum Matrix Technology to achieve precise imaging, alive with realistic colours and crisp details without blooming. It also grants wider viewing angles and an anti-reflection surface so you can focus on what matters – the rich details emerging from even the darkest of areas, courtesy of Quantum HDR 64x. 

To manifest this technology, a good core is a must. The Neo Quantum Processor 8K demonstrates this with aplomb, and even upscales image quality on older content so you can revisit it in a new way. In fact, by using 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology, the patented processor clinched a place as one of the award honourees at CES 2021 Best of Innovation this year.

Samsung Neo QLED TV 3

The Neo QLED TV is incredibly sleek, too – not just to impress, but to have a design that minimises distraction. The slim Infinity Screen and Infinity One design pushes boundaries by removing them, and the nearly bezel-less profile melts into any setting, whether hung on the wall, placed on the console, or even displayed in an avant-garde way on the new studio stand.

This also carries across to the redesigned Attachable Slim One Connect device – an elegant attachment that keeps cables out of sight so that your TV console area remains sleek and clutter-free.


Samsung Neo QLED TV 4

The pinnacle of imaging needs to come with hefty sound support. And on such a wide screen, one can enjoy full immersion with the dynamic Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro technology, allowing room-filling audio to be presented as it follows the movement of objects on-screen. Hook up a compatible Q-series sound bar and witness the depth of Q-symphony play out in heightened fashion for the biggest impact. 

Samsung Neo QLED TV 5

And because the Neo QLED TV is about new norms, it brings video calls to the big screen – literally – with Google Duo. Just hook up a webcam to the Neo QLED TV and an intuitive set-up will have you meeting your co-workers or friends in no time. The generous screen is also great for group calls and can be transferred from your phone to the TV with Tap view.

Neo QLED TVs make things clear on all fronts. SpaceFit Sound reads the room you’re in to produce a tailored sound experience while Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) detects varying conditions in the space – such as the noise from a clingy pet or a chatty teenager passing the room – and boosts voice clarity from the screen for an uncompromised delivery. Fact: It’s also great for catching all that dialogue from your favourite shows even if someone’s grinding coffee beans in the background.

Samsung Neo QLED TV 6

From work to play, the new sets are primed for exhilarating gaming as well. Enjoy a Super Ultrawide Game View at 32:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios you are familiar with, with buttery smooth graphics amped up by Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, featuring synced refresh rates and low latencies for more wins. 

Samsung Neo QLED TV 7

If you prefer more passive entertainment, you’ll be glad to know your favourite streaming options are readily available on the Neo QLED TVs. Indulge in international fare from Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV, or support local with productions from CAST, MeWatch and VIU. You can even host watch parties and more, with Multi View that lets you turn one screen into four.

Samsung Neo QLED TV 8

Control it all with Bixby voice assistant or hook up to Samsung’s SmartThings app to make your TV a true hub for your house.


Just as much attention has been placed on home improvement in the past year, Samsung has also shifted its focus to protecting our Earth with an increased focus on sustainability in its design.

Made from recycled materials and powered by solar cell technology, the battery-free SolarCell remote may be small, but represents a powerful vision with significant impact.

Samsung Neo QLED TV 9

“Supposing that a typical TV is used for around seven years, changing the batteries in its remote just once a year would mean that 14 batteries would get used and thrown out,” explained Samsung engineer Kim Kwanyoung. “If we apply that number to Samsung Electronics’ expected annual global TV sales, it amounts to approximately 99 million discarded batteries. If we apply it to annual TV sales overall, it adds up to nearly 3.1 billion batteries.”

Even Samsung’s new packaging hides a clever secret. After unboxing your Neo QLED TV, you’ll find new markings on the packaging that hints at a second life. Follow the instructions and transform it into new furniture, from a magazine holder to a playhouse for your children. This rethink for what is usually considered waste will apply to all visual and display products for Samsung in 2021 and is primed to spark conversations for its imaginative approach, and also on how sustainability is essential to a better future.

Learn more about how the Samsung Neo QLED TV is designed with your lifestyle in mind.

All features and specifications in the article relate to the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A.

*Source: Omdia, Jan 2021. Ranking in terms of shipments