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A gift of expression: The Balvenie finds festive warmth in an ode to heartfelt craftsmanship

The luxury whisky maker collaborates with local visual artist Adeline Tan for a limited-edition gift set perfect for the holiday season.

A gift of expression: The Balvenie finds festive warmth in an ode to heartfelt craftsmanship

The limited-edition gift set comprises a bottle of The Balvenie, and an intricately designed ceramic cup and coaster set. Photos: The Balvenie

As the saying goes: It’s the thought that counts. No gift encapsulates the intentions of the giver better than one wrought with care and love.

A meticulously made bottle of whisky makes a fine gift for one who appreciates craftsmanship. Luxury whisky maker The Balvenie epitomises all that is artisanal. Since its first distillation in 1893, its craftsmen have put their heart into the art of creating the finest single malt whisky, from grain to bottle.

In this year’s limited-edition gift set, The Balvenie explores rare beauty and the pursuit of craftsmanship with Singaporean visual artist Adeline Tan and her whimsical illustrations.


The journey of a craftsman is one that often involves the patient pursuit of excellence. For the makers, it is also about casting their story into legacy. Last year, The Balvenie held an interactive exhibition at the ArtScience Museum called The Makers Project, which showcased the brand’s dedication to its craft through works by selected regional artists and the people at The Balvenie alike.

From a Malaysian floral batik piece to a quirky mice wedding rendering from Vietnam, the exhibits mirrored the uncompromising handcrafted process of The Balvenie, as well as the integrity, skill and ambition of its makers. Adeline created a botanical piece – The Tiger of Singapore, with the rare tiger orchid as her subject. 

“I often draw inspiration from my surroundings and stories that inspire me. Seeing how The Balvenie pours its heart and passion into the craft of whisky-making inspires me as an artist,” said Adeline. She added that The Tiger of Singapore is a visual portrayal of the perseverance and determination that all craftsmen uphold. “The tiger orchid takes time to bloom and grow, as with every craftsman who takes years of dedication to perfect their craft.” 

This beautiful encapsulation resonated deeply with The Balvenie’s time-honoured methods, making the collaborative limited-edition gift set a fitting tribute to the shared respect for craftsmanship.

Comprising a bottle of The Balvenie and a ceramic cup and coaster set, the bundle is a treat for those who love their storied sip. Featuring commissioned artwork from Adeline, intricate flora and foliage decorate the wares and the customised packaging. Whether as a gift or a keepsake for yourself, the set is a lavish memento that recalls the values of craft.

“At The Balvenie, we continually strive to collaborate with like-minded people who share our passion for creating the extraordinary, and our partnership with Adeline is testament to this,” said Mr Brett Bayly, Southeast Asia brand ambassador for The Balvenie. “Through her artistic interpretation of Singapore’s rich culture and heritage, the collaboration parallels Adeline’s and The Balvenie’s hard work, passion and dedication to ultimate craftsmanship. Like the craftspeople at the distillery, all artists have a unique story to tell. I’m thrilled to see these stories unfold as we present these visually stunning gifts.”


For the limited-edition gift sets, two bottles of The Balvenie have been carefully selected for their distinctive profiles.

The Balvenie 12 Year Old Makers Pack offers The Balvenie DoubleWood 12, a signature style suitable for drinkers who wish to be introduced to the honeyed profile of The Balvenie. Befitting of traditionalists with a penchant for handcrafted luxuries, the bottle boasts crowd-pleasing notes of vanilla, cinnamon and sherry, thanks to its cask finishing process. The drink gives a long, warm finish – a lingering presence that sits well at festive gatherings. 

The other bottle, The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14, calls out to adventurers with a taste for new flavours. It recalls sweet honey, creamy toffee and fragrant oak, and is lifted by a fruity character for a soft, lingering finish – a charismatic profile that individuals with a sense of wanderlust may appreciate.

Both bottles benefit from being made in the only distillery in the Scottish Highlands to practise the “Five Rare Crafts” of whisky-making. There, generational craftsmen uphold their various roles to create a luxurious dram. The skills run the gamut: First, the farmers navigate unpredictable weather to produce valuable barley harvests. Then, the malt men soak, turn and dry the grains by hand on their own maltings floor, which is one of only a handful left in Scotland. Distillation calls for the mastery of coppersmiths to release the hallmark honeyed flavour through ball-shaped stills before coopers arrive to cask the formula safely in well-adjusted barrels. Finally, malt master David Stewart – one of the longest-serving maestros with 60 years of experience in the Scotch whisky industry – taps into his expertise to create the prized bottles, after having nosed almost half a million casks in his career.

Such intimate qualities are what makes The Balvenie limited-edition gift set such a fitting bundle this festive season, be it to share toasts with your closest company or presented as a cherished gift.

The Balvenie Makers limited-edition gift set is available in two options – The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Makers Pack (S$138) and The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Makers Pack (S$175) – from