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KING: Where heirloom design meets modern sensibilities

With 40 years of design innovation under its belt, the Australian furniture retailer serves up modular, multi-functional pieces with an unyielding focus on quality and sustainability.

KING: Where heirloom design meets modern sensibilities
KING's Jasper II sofa allows flexible configurations to accommodate changing scenarios. Photos: KING

The year 2021 is coming to a close, and even if it does seem like an extension of 2020, there have been new paradigms and trends surfacing from this period. Most obvious of this would be the hybrid work scenario, which appears to be shaping the home into a 24/7 hub for work, rest and play.
From this grew a fresh set of preferences in interior design and home furnishings. People started caring more about how their homes look, function and feel. Now, more than ever, the living space has to make sense for all its occupants and allow flexible configurations to accommodate changing scenarios. Even better if it incorporates a touch of luxury, reminiscent of those long-missed vacation hotels.  
Almost in an uncanny way, David King and his family business at KING have always had an eye for such emerging qualities – since 1977. Based in Sydney, the furniture manufacturer finds its philosophy in legacy pieces that stand the test of time, wrapped in comfort through deluxe natural materials, and strengthened by continual technical innovation. Known as masters of modularity, the pieces are especially relevant in today’s home, with transposable capabilities that keep them smart.     


Maybe it’s the rediscovery of nature’s therapeutic touch, but 2022’s home design trends are often inspired by the great outdoors. Taking the spotlight are natural and neutral hues, enjoyed for their grounding and calming influence, while a quiet sense of minimalism speaks of the human discipline, introduced through eloquent design details. 

In many ways, the collections from KING present this emerging ethos exceptionally, except that the Australian maker has embodied this language since its early days, inspired by the raw natural beauty of its home country. 

With a strong focus on premium materials, such as fine Belgian flax for its Hamilton fabric and TrueTouch leather from the same German tannery that supplies Rolls Royce, KING pieces encapsulate an understated luxury that makes the home a true escape.


The Issho dining table demonstrates this with aplomb. Made of sustainably-sourced timber and a winner of Japan’s 2020 Good Design Award, the six-seater features rotating fins as legs to give its look an ever-changing sculptural quality. With a beautiful veneer finish of congo, American walnut or smoked oak, the panels mimic the forms of tree trunks as one walks through the forests.

It’s this kind of design elegance that reminds one of our travel experiences, where we find indulgence and deep comfort in our stays at upscale hotels adorned with quality furnishings. We desire to bring that same feeling of ease and extravagance back home with us. The Issho captures that element of opulence we enjoy so much overseas, but now made available through ingenious crafting at KING. Named after the word “together” in Japanese, the Issho dining table is indeed a meeting of pleasing aesthetics, comfort and technology. 



Other than the use of durable natural materials, the KING legacy is also evident in its make and innovation. Most notable is its proprietary Postureflex steel frames – an idea inspired by car seats.

KING found that by structuring its soft furniture with a steel frame and suspensions, it took away the stress from the covers, ensuring a more lasting investment.

“From the beginning, we didn’t follow the traditional ways of making furniture. We did things our way,” explained the founder. “Those points of difference are still applied today.”


The Reo Recliner sofa collection exemplifies this, with the main Postureflex frame pairing with KingCell high-tensile compression springs to accord a relaxing and even support. The couch gets its name from its adjustable headrest, that when activated, glides the body into a state of rest after a long day’s work. The individual panels also offer multifunctionality – one can lay on the recliner or remain upright when watching the telly. There are even streamlined Smart Pockets that incorporate a wireless charging table, LED reading light and SONOS speaker bracket.

This strong utilitarian sensibility and durable make are why KING pieces are accompanied by a staggering 25-year warranty – a nod to its commitment in building heirloom furniture that’s meant to last a lifetime. 

This, in turn, supports its sustainability philosophy. Almost all the materials it uses – including the steel frame – are recyclable. Removable covers mean an extended lifetime of use. And by keeping the production cycle in-house, KING can inject conscientious decisions at every point. 



The home is now a moving environment, merging – and sometimes transforming –into different scenarios. This shift towards modularity is seen in the Jasper II sofa, as it embraces and fully manifests the hybrid ideology.

Available in personal seats and up to a seven-seater, the collection features a patented component connecting system that allows seats, arms, backs and shelves to be instantly configured to your needs. In one instance, a long set is best for those movie marathons. In others, having two parts allows for face-to-face interactions, or perhaps that anticipated game night. If a guest decides to stay, the sofa can be converted into a bed. 

As 2022 arrives, be inspired to recreate that lasting comfort and joy within your own home – one that speaks of luxury and well-being. 

KING is affirming this home pride with a Chinese New Year sale from now till Dec 19. Enjoy generous discounts of up to 50 per cent for a large range of Australian-designed indoor and outdoor furniture, and have it ready to be customised and delivered before Chinese New Year. Enjoy a personalised consultation to find that perfect KING piece at the Kallang showroom, or find your dream piece online at KING. 

Carve out your home escape with the timeless, elegant pieces from KING.