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Lexus ES: Perfecting the art of luxury – again

Even luxury cars are merely cars, but a Lexus represents something above that altogether: The embodiment of hospitality.

Lexus ES: Perfecting the art of luxury – again

The ES 300h is equipped with a full-hybrid system that uses regenerative energy to charge its batteries – so an external charger isn't needed. Photos: Lexus

The new Lexus ES is the perfect example of the unique spirit of Japanese hospitality known as Omotenashi in action. 

Omotenashi is the sincere, wholehearted brand of service that anticipates your every need, in order to create the most pleasant experience possible. 

Guided by Omotenashi and a dedication to perfection, Lexus has given the new ES – available in three distinctive variants – unique appeal, applying its signature touch to deliver comfort, craftsmanship and refinement on a new level.


The ES 300h features a powerful full-hybrid system, whose self-charging technology means it is topped up by regenerative energy – there’s no need for an external charger. 

The hybrid ES is a chic model of sustainability. Its drivetrain offers uncanny silence and smooth acceleration, along with astonishingly low fuel consumption and the low carbon emissions that go with it. 

But while there are three flavours of the new ES, it has always had a way of pampering occupants, no matter the version. All seats are now covered with soft semi-aniline leather, while the rear offers plenty of legroom and a power sunshade.

A redesigned dashboard is home to a sharp 12.3-inch touchscreen display and offers compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The ES 250 F SPORT’s chassis has been fettled by Lexus' engineers to offer improved handling.

The new ES 250 F SPORT (the first time an F SPORT model has been officially imported into Singapore) combines the precise handling delivered by the Lexus Driving Signature with sharp looks, adding styling accents that speak to the discerning driver.

Apart from F SPORT exclusive colours and 19-inch wheels, it features signature upper and lower grille inserts, a sculpted front bumper and F SPORT badge. Inside, there are sports seats in Flare Red, Hadori aluminium trim inspired by traditional Japanese sword-making, and instruments that recall the driving gauges of the Lexus LFA, the supercar that helped establish the manufacturer’s sporty credentials.

The ES 250 F SPORT’s chassis has been tuned for better handling. The anticipatory spirit of Omotenashi makes itself felt in many ways, from the carefully calibrated heft of the steering to the precision of the braking system.

In fact, the new ES benefits from subtle improvements to its ride and handling. For example, new structural bracing for the body reduces vibrations in the rear while improving the car’s stability. It’s an invisible yet meaningful effort to create a more pleasant experience inside the new ES. 


Lexus' team of dedicated test drivers has honed the ES to respond smoothly in all types of driving scenarios.

The ES 250, the stalwart of the ES family, continues to offer class-leading space, quality and craftsmanship, but an update to the general range brings a sleek new spindle grille and elegantly redesigned LED headlamps, as part of a gentle refinement of the car’s coupe-like silhouette and striking looks.

With the Lexus Driving Signature, the new ES is also a unique experience behind the wheel. Lexus’ Takumi drivers – craftsmen who are given huge say over how every new Lexus drives and feels – have tuned the new ES carefully, striving for linear responses faithful to the driver's intentions in all types of driving situations, such as in the seamless transition from deceleration to steering and acceleration during cornering.

To strengthen its driving performance, the new ES was subjected to extensive tests around the world, including the Shimoyama Technical Center, the demanding test circuit in Japan that opened in 2019.

This uncompromising attention to detail means drivers of the ES are bound to enjoy their time behind the wheel, even in everyday situations.


The Lexus ES has been designed to envelop occupants in luxury while offering driver-assist systems that boost safety.

Omotenashi is about surpassing expectations, and the ES offers exceptional audio technology that features a 17-speaker, next-generation PurePlay sound system by renowned audio company Mark Levinson.

While the ES continues to be a feast for all the senses, it has gained new senses itself. The Lexus Safety System+ suite of driver aids gathers advanced active safety equipment to enable selected versions of the new ES to monitor their surroundings.

The myriad ways in which it supports the driver include Blind Spot Monitors to warn of potential hazards while changing lanes, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert to sound the alarm if the driver is in danger of backing out into the path of an approaching vehicle.

Intersection Turning Assist is another worthwhile enhancement. At traffic junctions, the system is able to recognise an oncoming vehicle when performing a right-hand turn, or a pedestrian when performing left- and right-hand turns and applies the brakes automatically if needed.


That same spirit of care and anticipation is present when it comes to taking care of a Lexus ES, in the form of Lexus Signature Care, a complimentary ownership experience worth more than S$10,000. 

It includes all the servicing, warranty and wear-and-tear bundles needed to keep a Lexus ES in good condition and preserve its ability to serve faithfully for years. The comprehensive package even includes grooming and body care bundles.

Equipping the ES driver with everything needed for years of satisfying ownership is just one way Lexus works at surpassing expectations. What good is an ownership experience that fails to match the fine experience behind the wheel, after all?

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Source: CNA