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The Mandala effect: Be enraptured by a full-sensory experience with Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Held at the private Mandala Club, the VIP experience on Dec 9 includes a taste of the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Ghost and Rare Port Dundas.

The Mandala effect: Be enraptured by a full-sensory experience with Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Savour a heady mix of fruit, smoke, citrus, spice, vanilla and chocolate in Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Photos: Johnnie Walker

Ten million. That’s the number of ageing casks in the reserves that Johnnie Walker calls upon to craft its prestigious Blue Label bottles. As complex in its encounter as it is rich in legacy, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a stirring blend of Scotland’s rarest whiskies. Only one in every 10,000 casks – some from long-closed ghost distilleries – touts the elusive quality, character and flavour to deliver that signature taste.

From Dec 9 to 13, Diageo invites a select few to discover the full depth of flavour at the newly opened Mandala Club along Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore. Enjoy a visceral dive into the remarkable profile of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, one that promises to leave you fully immersed in its ambrosial heritage.    


Step into a majestic room that welcomes you with a lush golden backdrop at the Johnnie Walker Blue Label five-day event.

At Mandala Club, guests will be introduced to the different layers and textures of the premium single malt through a multi-sensory encounter.

Johnnie Walker master blender Emma Walker (no relation to the Johnnie Walker family) has partnered Italian perfumer Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo to present a designer scent “crafted with the single intention of conveying the rolling waves of flavour experienced when tasting Johnnie Walker Blue Label”. The fragrance aptly pays homage to the whisky’s depth of flavour, delivering an olfactory experience that is just as complex, luxurious and intriguing.

“We selected top notes of bergamot and lavender, and base notes of vanilla bourbon, tonka beans and iris to create overlapping waves of scent that seem to appear and disappear,” revealed Gardoni.

A sonic escapade awaits guests next. A specially commissioned 3D audio soundscape conveys the flavour narrative of the bottle through its hypnotic swells, right before guests partake in the main highlight: Tasting their first dram of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

That’s when everything comes together: The ebb and flow of the senses reflecting the same of the whisky’s flavour journey – a heady mix of fruit, smoke, citrus, spice, vanilla and chocolate.

The second segment of the event sees Walker and Mandala Club executive chef Reuben Davis joining hands for a curated menu of canape pairings that draws out the most distinctive nuances of the single malt.

Expect your tastebuds to be scintillated as the bottle reveals itself with each offering. Will you taste sweet raisins from the dram’s mellow nose, or be greeted by a velvety combination of honey and rose petals? Perhaps it’s the zest from the orange you will most enjoy, as it ushers in hints of hazelnut, sherry and dark chocolate.

Between sip and bite, Johnnie Walker Blue Label delivers this expansive range through some of its rarest casks from the Speyside and Highland distilleries, including those of the delicate Cardhu and Clynelish, the warm and rounded Benrinnes, as well as smoky Islay malts.

The multi-sensory expedition fully paints the ideals of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, where rare craft, rare casks and rare flavour come together.


The five-day event will see a limited seating per day, with its launch day on Dec 9 presenting a VIP experience that includes the full programme as well as a dram of the latest release of Johnnie Walker Blue Ghost and Rare Port Dundas.

Be one of the first in Singapore to experience this luxury blended scotch, handcrafted using eight of the rarest whiskies from the reserves, including the core grain whisky from the long-closed distillery of Port Dundas. This fifth edition is sweet, creamy and woody – an exotic character granted by other famed distilleries such as Cambus and Brora.

Regardless of the session you pick, you can be sure the extraordinary event will leave you fully immersed in a dramatic sensorial tribute of sight, sound, smell and taste.

Bookings to this unique whisky experience are now open, priced from S$50 per person.