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Write your love story with Harry Winston, one sparkle at a time

From jewellery to timepieces, the ultimate jeweller makes your bridal dream come true.

Write your love story with Harry Winston, one sparkle at a time

Rings represent the unending bond of marriage, but a Harry Winston ring says it better. Photos: Harry Winston

When the Roman poet Virgil wrote “love conquers all things” before the start of the first millennium, he probably had no idea what challenges newly-engaged couples today would have to navigate, even before they arrive at the altar.

But, even so, he was right.

Amid the frenzy of preparing for a wedding, love and romance ought to remain paramount a philosophy American jeweller Harry Winston, and the brand that bears his name, fervently shares. As jeweller to the stars, Mr Winston was no stranger to celebrations, whether on the red carpet or down the aisle.

Since 1932, Mr Winston’s fascination with the finest gemstones had led him to select only the best diamonds, leading to stunning works of art, from a striking solitaire ring to an intricate high jewellery piece. His belief was that the innate allure, brilliance and rarity of diamonds perfectly encapsulated the beauty of love and romance.


Today, nearly nine decades later, Mr Winston’s approach to jewellery design and his eponymous shop continue to set the standard for expressions of love and dedication. Whether it’s a romantic proposal, an anniversary milestone or an everyday reminder of a sacred vow, each meaningful occasion is captured in the beauty of a Harry Winston creation.


Undoubtedly, the image of a classic engagement ring is that of a sparkling solitaire on a simple band and rightly so, because a discreet band allows the diamond to take centre stage in all its brilliance.

But simple need not be boring, as Harry Winston has proved with its HW Logo Collection. Birthed as a selection of engagement rings, the collection originally featured a stunning diamond solitaire, delicately perched between two logotypes, “H” and “W”, which served as prongs but also represented the House’s initials, as well as the titles, “husband” and “wife” a fitting way to start the journey of a lifetime together.


Today, the collection has evolved to include wedding bands with diamonds in yellow, white and rose gold, along with the distinctive “H.W” hallmark of the House. The H.W. Logo Diamond Ring is available in three stone sizes – 0.5, 0.7 and 1.00 carat, the last option also offered in the House’s signature micro-pave. There are also polished bangles, pendants and earrings that are elegant, yet understated enough to be worn every day as a cherished reminder and celebration of true love.


While diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Mr Winston’s preferred cut was the emerald cut, which he felt showcased the natural beauty of the stone in the most flattering way. He once remarked: “No two diamonds are alike. Each diamond has a different nature. Each diamond must be handled the way you handle a person.”

This dedication to perfection continues to this today, as the House’s designers create new ways of highlighting the diamonds, meticulously setting them in exactly the right positions, with attention paid to the smallest of details, right down to the materials surrounding the stones.


This commitment to detail and Mr Winston’s love for the emerald cut is incorporated even into the House’s timepieces, with an Emerald Collection dedicated to the beloved shape.

More than just a watch, the Emerald Collection timepieces come in 18K white, rose and yellow gold, with the octagonal shape making an appearance in various ways in the shape of the case, dial and bevelled borders, as well as an emerald-cut stone or gold “HW” applique at 12 o’clock. A central motif on the dials of most of the 18mm mother-of-pearl models and date windows on the 33mm models also feature the angular icon.


With his and hers options, the Emerald Collection timepieces are eminently suited as the perfect complement to Harry Winston’s bridal jewellery. While grooms don’t have the luxury of flaunting a scintillating solitaire engagement ring, they can certainly rock another sort of “emerald” in the form of these dapper timepieces.

With sunray satin-brushed dials that ooze sophistication, the watch’s bold architectural finishes exude a masculine charm in the 33mm versions. The rose gold model with silver opaline dial offers a certain old world glamour, while the white gold automatic version is mesmerising with the gradient of its dial transitioning from light to dark blue.


The ladies, too, get their share of gorgeous pieces to choose from, with mother-of-pearl dials and gem-set variations. There are also exclusive double tour satin straps and 18K gold Milanese bracelets to elevate the timepieces with a unique touch, adding flair and finesse.

Whatever expression of love you’re celebrating, there’s a Harry Winston creation to help you commemorate each treasured moment. And perhaps, just as Mr Winston’s legacy endures through these pieces, they will form a part of yours too.

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