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Thinking high-end: The luxury of space in loft condominiums

If you have lofty aspirations and would like to enjoy the generous lifestyle offered by loft apartments, here are five ingenious ways to maximise the vertical space and increase your home’s value at the same time.

Thinking high-end: The luxury of space in loft condominiums

Loft condo units are highly sought-after in Singapore. (Photo: Property Guru)

Loft condo units in Singapore are highly sought-after properties that draw high-end home seekers for a number of reasons. To start with, they offer the luxury of a spacious, open-concept layout, and benefit from generous windows that let in plenty of light and allow for a healthy flow of air through the home. High ceilings also extend the living space upwards to create an appealing sense of contemporary grandeur.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, loft condos typically have a second storey or mezzanine floor built into the apartment which extends the liveable floor space without expanding the footprint of the property itself. This means the floor-to-ceiling height in these appealing private properties exceed the standard requirement of 2.6 metres to create the ultimate bright and airy living spaces.

While some prefer not to "pay for air" or strata void areas when buying property, others consult condo floor plans specifically to search for properties that offer the considerable benefits of high ceilings.

If you have lofty aspirations and would like to enjoy the generous lifestyle offered by such apartments, below are five ingenious ways to maximise the vertical space and increase your home’s value at the same time.


Applying a white or neutral colour palette is a tried-and-tested technique to brighten up the interiors of any living space, creating the luxurious feel of a much larger abode. Oversized windows and skylights open up the space further, allowing the high-end home to be bathed in natural sunlight. As an additional bonus, skylights and large windowpanes draw the eyes outwards, allowing residents to feel an exclusive connection to nature, whether they are enjoying the surrounding greenery or simply gazing up at the star-studded night sky. 


The mezzanine level within a loft apartment provides the ideal space for a multitude of enhancements, whether that means a guest bedroom, children’s playroom, private library, or study. By adding a mezzanine balcony overlooking the atrium where there is a free flow of space, homeowners can create a second living space that’s a touch cosier and more intimate than the more conventional space below it, adding a subtle sense of personalised comfort and retreat.


Loft apartments offer the distinct advantage of increased usable square footage, but without thoughtful planning, a lot of the added space can go to waste. The space under the stairs, for example, can be utilised with built-in cupboards or a study desk. Homeowners can also make the most of vertical spaces and hang floating shelves to keep books and non-essential items on display, adding to the homely aesthetic while remaining easily accessible by a ladder whenever needed.

Challenges can be turned into advantages in loft condos located on the top floor of a building. Although pitched ceilings can sometime create awkward angles, storage units and smart shelving can be used to maximise the corner space. An especially popular choice with loft bedroom designs is to use the space under the bed as additional storage for bulky items such as additional bedding and seasonal clothes.


Integrating loft or mezzanine levels into your home requires a fine balance between creating private or semi-private spaces while keeping the interior of the condo as open as possible. Glass or wood slat walls, translucent floor panels, and suspended mezzanine nets allow the inner areas to remain unobstructed and airy. Sliding doors also offer a fabulous way to partition off areas that can then be opened again when they’re not in use.


Whenever possible, it’s wise to go vertical with your furnishings and decorations in loft apartments. This not only accentuates the high ceilings, but also saves precious floor space to maintain an uncluttered, generous feel. Make the most of open spaces with an eye-catching lighting centrepiece in the atrium or a vertical herb garden on the wall. Add greenery to your home with hanging plants pots or hang tall paintings and artwork to draw the eyes upward in the same way gallery walls use framed pieces stacked artfully towards the ceiling to elevate the visual experience. Life imitating art.

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