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For one night only, bid on the heftiest white truffle – all proceeds go to charity

Italian restaurant Art, located in the National Gallery, is holding its second Alba White Truffle Benefit Dinner on Nov 8. All proceeds will go towards local charity Foodsteps to benefit children from low-income families.

For one night only, bid on the heftiest white truffle – all proceeds go to charity

Last year's Alba White Truffle Auction final lot, which fetched €120,000. (Photo: Art)

White truffle season is now in full swing, and boy do we wish we could fly to Europe to enjoy the bounty. Thankfully, every year, our local restaurants get in on the truffling action with dishes that highlight the distinct flavours of this prized shroom.

For one night only – Nov 8 – Italian restaurant Art, located at National Gallery, will present its second Alba White Truffle Benefit Dinner, an exclusive dinner featuring fine Italian gastronomy and wines. 

The charity benefit dinner is part of a global initiative, where four countries – Italy, Hong Kong, Moscow and Singapore – come together virtually to bid for this year’s finest white truffle specimens at the annual World Alba White Truffle Charity Auction in Piedmont, Italy.

Alba White Truffle. (Photo: Art)

In Singapore, all proceeds from the dinner and auction will go to local charity Foodsteps, a free nutrition education programme for children aged 7 to 12 years old from low-income families.

Alba White Truffle, also known as the “diamond of Alba”, is the most desirable white truffle in the world, renowned for its quality and flavour.

At the dinner, Michelin-starred chef and owner of Art, Chef Beppe De Vito, and newly-appointed Group Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio, will present an innovative degustation menu celebrating this culinary gem.

Chef Beppe De Vito. (Photo: Art)

Indulge in five courses of pure Alba White Truffle creativity, with dishes like Aged Celeriac with Jerusalem Artichoke Cream, Black Onion Caviar and White Truffle, Art’s signature 32 Egg Yolk Tagliolini with Alpine Butter, Porcini and White Truffle and Kagoshima Beef with Charred Endive, Kosho Bernese and White Truffle.

Fun fact – Chef De Vito has been formally inducted into the Order Of The Knights Of the Truffle And Wines Of Alba, a confraternity established in 1967 to protect and disseminate the genuine food and wine products of Alba. 

The dinner is paired with wines from the most representative Piedmontese winemakers, such as Barolo Bussia Vigna Colonnello 2008 and Barbaresco Bric Turot 1999 from Prunotto, and Bruno Rocca’s Barbaresco Riserva Curra 2012.

During the dinner, guests will also be able to bid for two prestigious specimens of Alba White Truffle carefully selected by experts (a 200g specimen and 500g specimen), combined with rare magnums of top Italian wines.

The headline lot – the largest’s white truffle specimen uncovered this season – will be up for multi-city bidding, conducted via live-streaming.

Last year, the highest bid was €120,000 (S$192,431) for 1,005g of white truffle, while a total of €420,000 was raised collectively by the four countries for their local charities respectively.

Bookings are now open for the Art Alba White Truffle Benefit Dinner via this link, at S$3,000++ for a table of five guests.

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Source: CNA/st(ds)