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Watch exclusive footage of Blackpink’s Lisa on this virtual reality app

Roman jeweller Bvlgari has launched the Bvlgari Colours exhibition app, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Blackpink star Lisa as well as fellow celebrities Ko So-young and Cha Eun-woo.

Watch exclusive footage of Blackpink’s Lisa on this virtual reality app

Watch exclusive videos of Blackpink's Lisa on the Bvlgari Colours exhibition app. (Photo: Bvlgari)

Going to an art exhibition overseas is something that we all miss. But lucky for us, technology has allowed us to immerse in all sorts of activities without actually being physically there.

The latest to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon is Bvlgari. Since July this year, the Roman jeweller has been running its Bvlgari Colours exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center in Korea. It has now taken the exhibition online with the launch of an app that regenerates the event in a virtual space. 

Available in two languages, Korean and English, the app provides a lifelike virtual reality experience featuring representative works from the Bvlgari Heritage collection and from prestigious private collections dating from the 1930s to the present.

The exhibition also showcases artworks by seven prominent Korean contemporary artists  Kim Jongwon, Lee Sea-hyun, Yee Sookyung, Noh Sang-kyoon, Oh Soon-kyeong, Choi Jeonghwa and Vakki – inspired by the collection.

Most excitingly, watch behind-the-scenes videos of Blackpink’s Lisa, singer Cha Eun-woo and actress Ko So-young visiting the exhibition, available exclusively on the app.

Singer Cha Eun-woo at the Bvlgari Colours exhibition. (Photo: Bvlgari)
Actress Ko So-young at the Bvlgari Colours exhibition. (Photo: Bvlgari)

The app gives users a 360-degree view of Bvlgari's hero pieces. Meant to be an interactive experience, explore the exhibition through the eyes of your very own avatar. Style it to your personal preferences using Bvlgari’s iconic jewellery, watches and accessories. 

Style your own avatar before exploring the exhibition. (Photo: Bvlgari)

The Bvlgari Colours exhibition app is available for download through Google Play or the App Store from now till Dec 31.


Source: CNA/st/ds