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Spending National Day at home? Order these local treats from Goodwood Park

Celebrate Singapore’s 55th birthday with specialty dishes and scrumptious snacks from Goodwood Park Hotel, priced at S$55+ each.

Spending National Day at home? Order these local treats from Goodwood Park

National Day Celebratory Set Menu. (Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel)

National Day is fast approaching, and if you have plans to stay home for a meal with family, order in these local delights from Goodwood Park Hotel. In celebration of the nation’s 55th birthday, Goodwood Park Hotel is offering an array of takeaway and delivery treats, each priced at S$55+. 

Choose from a bundle of specialty dishes from the hotel’s restaurants, scrumptious snacks and delectable treats, available for order from Aug 1 to Aug 10.


National Day Celebratory Set Menu. (Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel)

As the hotel celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, the National Day Celebratory Set Menu (S$55+ per set) pays homage to Goodwood Park’s rich heritage by showcasing the best of its diverse range of dishes and cuisines. This set consists of perennial favourites from the hotel’s restaurants.

An enticing meal for one, this set comprises a hearty Pork Shepherd’s Pie from L’Espresso, three skewers of Chicken Satay served with condiments such as peanut sauce, onions, cucumbers and ketupat from Coffee Lounge, and Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with King Crab, Caviar, Sakura Ebi and White Truffle Vinaigrette from Gordon Grill.

Also included in the set is Deep-fried Sea Perch with Spicy Lemongrass Sauce from Min Jiang. Dessert is the signature Durian Crepe from The Deli, featuring creamy durian pulp enveloped in a paper-thin crepe.


National Day Snacks Bundle. (Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel)

No celebration is complete without snacks. Goodwood Park’s beloved savoury munchies make a comeback this season in the form of a Snacks Bundle (S$55+ per bundle of three). 

The trio of goodies includes Crispy Kangkong with Cheese and Sour Cream, coated with a layer of cheese powder and sour cream, and the Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Root Chips, tossed with salted egg yolk crumbs, and spiced with chilli padi and curry leaves. The freshly made Yam Chips are deep fried using healthier canola oil for guilt-free snacking.


Happy 55 Sweet Treats. (Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel)

To celebrate the special occasion, The Deli at Goodwood Park is offering its popular box of themed treats this National Day. End your meal with the Happy 55 Sweet Treats box (S$55+ per box), consisting of 18 mini pastries decorated in varying hues of red and white.

Highlights include bite-sized delights with local flavours like the Kopi Macarons and Pandan Mascarpone Tarts, and classics such as the Chocolate Puffs, Raspberry Tarts, Coconut Mango Cakes, Chocolate Earl Grey Cakes and Cherry Hazelnut Cakes.

To order Goodwood Park Hotel’s National Day treats, click here. Orders must be made at least five days in advance

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Source: CNA/st(ds)