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Oyster fans: Feast on 28 different types at this year's World Oyster Festival

Greenwood Fish Market’s annual World Oyster Festival returns for its eighth edition with a record number of varieties, taking place from Aug 1 to Aug 31.

Oyster fans: Feast on 28 different types at this year's World Oyster Festival

Freshly shucked – 28 different oyster types will be available at Greenwood Fish Market's eighth World Oyster Festival. (Photo: Greenwood Fish Market)

A record feat of 28 oyster types, one of Singapore’s biggest range of live oysters, are due to be flown in to Greenwood Fish Market’s three restaurants for the eighth World Oyster Festival. The oysters may be ordered a la carte, or as a tasting platter (S$99.95) featuring eight of the chef’s selection.

New oysters to try include the Barnstable (US), Blue Point (US), Malpeque (Canada), Moonstones (US), Pleasant Bay (US), Wellfleet (US), Sakoshi (Japan), Kago (Japan) and Kaiapara (New Zealand).

Diners will also be given an Oyster Journal. Akin to a wine tasting scorecard, guests can make side-by-side comparisons on these booklets to explore and appreciate the unique profiles of each oyster.

Chef Alan Lee, one half of the father-son duo who helms Greenwood Fish Market, gave a little tip to oyster fans as well. “Fresh oysters should be alive when you eat them. My dad and I are huge advocates of educating oyster fans of the pre-slurp. A live, safe-eating oyster would squirm. If it doesn’t, toss it into the bin. Trust us, we speak from experience,” Lee said.

The month-long event will be available for dine-in, takeaways, or ordering online with islandwide delivery. Availability is subject to shipments given the current COVID-19 situation, but Greenwood Fish Market noted that “all will be done to outdo the record of 25 varieties set in 2019”.

For more information on Greenwood Fish Market's eighth World Oyster Festival, click here

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Source: CNA/st(ds)