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Catch a glimpse of Mercedes-Benz’s most famous cars in this drone video

With physical visits to the Mercedes-Benz Museum off the cards for now, this cinematic drone video is the next best thing.

Catch a glimpse of Mercedes-Benz’s most famous cars in this drone video

The drone video takes you on a tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, where over 160 cars are on display, including the legendary 300SL Gullwing. (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

For car lovers, a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum is a must-do activity when in Stuttgart, Germany, where over 160 models from the brand’s storied history are on display. But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum closed its doors in mid-March.

While the museum has since reopened, travel restrictions mean that auto enthusiasts outside of Germany will not be able to visit anytime soon. But you can still take a virtual peek inside with this drone video, launched by the museum to celebrate its reopening.

The video begins with the drone entering the building through a rooftop door before bringing you on a top-to-bottom tour of the museum’s 177,000 sq ft of exhibition space. Along the way, you’ll catch a glimpse of historic Mercedes-Benz models, including the 300SL Gullwing, DMG Simplex as well as the brand’s F1 race cars through the years.

The shots are both smooth and cinematic, courtesy of a talented drone pilot who navigated the drone through tights gaps and narrow curves.

While the museum officially reopened on May 9, visits are only allowed from Friday to Sunday, with strict safe distancing measures in place. Meanwhile, the museum is holding a new Exclusive Insights series on its Instagram page, which takes viewers on a tour of its historic car models, and reveals the stories behind them.

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Source: CNA/st(ds)