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Hong Kong actress Carina Lau reportedly selling Shanghai apartment for S$38 million

The three-storey unit features five bedrooms, four halls, a swimming pool and an outdoor garden.

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau reportedly selling Shanghai apartment for S$38 million

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau. (Photo: Sam Yeh/AFP)

Carina Lau is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent celebrity property owners. Together with husband Tony Leung, she owns numerous apartments in prime property spots in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou. In Hong Kong alone, Lau’s property portfolio reportedly exceeds US$100 million (S$135 million) in value.

A real estate agent in China recently claimed that Lau has listed a duplex unit in Shanghai for 180 million yuan (S$38.1 million), 8 Days reported. The apartment is located in Shimao Riviera Garden, a riverside private housing complex located along the Huangpu River. 

A screenshot of a duplex unit in Shimao Riviera Garden. (Photo: HK01)

According to reports, Lau’s duplex unit stretches across three floors and measures 30,000 sq ft in total. It has five bedrooms, four massive halls, a swimming pool and an outdoor garden. The unit is also located on the top floor of the building and boasts a panoramic view of Shanghai’s iconic skyline with the Bund a short distance away.   

Screenshot of the indoor pool. (Photo: HK01)

In addition, the development features three clubhouses, a grand lobby, tennis court, gym and more. 

It is to be noted that there is no confirmation that the unit belongs to Lau. However, when Shimao Riviera Garden first launched in 2002, Tony Leung was invited to be a celebrity ambassador for the property.

Lau is known for posting snippets of her extravagant lifestyle on Instagram. The actress constantly hosts celebrity pals in her lavish May Tower flat in Hong Kong, estimated to be worth US$12.6 million. Fans can also get a glimpse of her private jet travels and penchant for collecting Chinese antiques on her account.

As Lau does not have any children of her own, she dotes on Chinese actor He Jun’s 13-year-old son Kang Kang, whom she calls her godson.

Once, she gifted Kang Kang a 7,100 sq ft villa as a gift. Now that's what we call next level doting. 

Source: CNA/st/ds