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What do Asian women want when they go for spa treatments?

Are we all that different in terms of what we want from a spa treatment? International spa institute Clarins Skin Spa reveals what their clients across the world are asking for from their menu.

What do Asian women want when they go for spa treatments?

Clarins Skin Spa now occupies a 2,850 sq. ft. flagship on the fourth floor of ION Orchard. (Photo: Clarins)

Spas, like fast food or fast fashion outlets, have become rather ubiquitous in Singapore these days. If you should have aching shoulders or a complexion that’s looking the worse for wear, it’s not that hard to find a place, whether in a mall or hotel, where you can get a rejuvenating facial or soothing massage.

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Still, while we may have plenty of choices, not all spas are built the same. The experience and pricing can vary vastly, depending on where you choose to head. That is why those who are discerning prefer to go to one with an established name – and if you try to count how many of them you can find here, you’ll realise that there are only a handful of gems that stand apart from the garden variety types.

Clarins Skin Spa is a familiar brand among these gems, having already been in Singapore for over two decades and built a reputation on its reliable body and skincare product range. It used to be a signature tenant at Wheelock Place, but has recently shifted across the road to a spanking new 2,850 sq. ft. flagship on the fourth floor of ION Orchard, where it can now offer clients the same Clarins touch and efficacy in an enhanced space.

The Spa's reception area. (Photo: Clarins)

What place does the French skincare and body-care brand have in the Asian spa market, and what has won it so many loyal Singapore customers over the decades? CNA Luxury gets the answers from the president of North America and Asia-Pacific, Clarins Group, Christophe de Pous.

The president of North America and Asia-Pacific, Clarins Group, Christophe de Pous. (Photo: Clarins)


Even though Clarins was founded on body care, most people know it first for its skincare products, before getting acquainted with its expertise in body slimming and contouring. A pioneer in body treatments since the 1950s, Clarins has, naturally, accumulated much knowledge and expertise in the field.

Besides creating products that are said to give remarkable results, it has also devised its own massage technique. Known as the Clarins touch, it’s a tradition that is still being continuously practised in spas by generations of its therapists.


The brand’s enduring popularity also lies in its plant-based philosophy to beauty and botanical formulas that favour natural plant extracts over chemical ingredients. Says de Pous: “Even though we can see a boom in aesthetic surgery in Asia, we also noticed a stronger demand for natural treatments. Clarins has been an expert and leader in this aspect – with 100 per cent natural bestsellers like the Tonic Oil for the body and Blue Orchid Oil for the face.”

The Tonic Body Treatment Oil, one of Clarins's bestsellers. (Photo: Clarins)


“In Singapore and Asia, our clientele is highly educated [about skin and body care] and demanding when it comes to their skincare and spa experiences. That is why we want to create a more luxurious spa environment, as well as offer a wider range of treatments,” he shared.

On the differences between Clarins’ Asian spa clientele versus that in other parts of the world, de Pous noted, interestingly, that there is lesser demand for cellulite treatments in Asia as compared to America and Europe. On the other hand, there are beauty pursuits that are of particular concern to women here – among them, achieving an “oval-shaped” face.

To address this desire, the Clarins Skin Spa at ION Orchard now offers the Lifting Shaper facial treatment, which helps refine and firm skin, as well as diminish a double chin, so as to achieve defined facial contours.

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Despite these disparities, slimming and contouring treatments are generally as in demand today as they were back in the 1950s or any other decade in between. And Clarins has consistently worked at upping their game in this respect, constantly developing and testing new formulas in order to meet and exceed the growing expectations of customers everywhere.

“What has changed today is that we have clients coming from a much larger age range. Also, while the ladies’ market is very mature, we can see more and more demand from men for specific face treatments,” added de Pous.

Whether the aim of spa-goers is to have a slimmer face or more svelte figure, one thing remains the same – what will keep them coming back are results that are visible and perceptible.

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Source: CNA/ds