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A S$1.8m diamond necklace and other treasures on show in Singapore

Hermes is holding its first high jewellery exhibition in Singapore at Liat Towers from Jul 29 to Aug 8.

A S$1.8m diamond necklace and other treasures on show in Singapore

Hermes' Lignes Sensibles high jewellery collection draws inspiration from the sensuality of the human form and figure. (Photo: Hermes)

Storied fashion house Hermes may be rooted in classic French values, but it’s never one to stay within the box. Case in point – instead of haute joaillerie (which means high jewellery), the house refers to its high jewellery collections as haute bijouterie (loosely translated to mean high jewellery store). 

The focus isn’t particularly on the size or splendour of the stones, as with most high jewellery, but rather on the playfulness and radicality of the designs.

Hermes’s latest high jewellery collection, Lignes Sensibles, which translates to “sensitive lines”, draws inspiration from the sensuality of the human form and figure, influenced by the mechanics of the human anatomy.

Designed by the label's creative director of jewellery, Pierre Hardy, the 45-piece line-up features jewellery with spontaneous curves, gliding freely and tenderly on the skin. For the wearer, they feel almost like a second skin.

The collection will be on display at Hermes Liat Towers from July 29 to Aug 8. This marks the first time that Hermes is holding a high jewellery exhibition in Singapore, despite this being Hermes's sixth high jewellery collection since the division was established in 2010 (a new collection debuts every two years).

Highlights include the statement Contre la Peau diamond necklace, crafted from a rose gold mesh. The collar necklace is made with 867 brilliant-cut white diamonds, totalling 45.3 carats. The diamonds are then set in a rose gold latticework, meant to resemble a shimmering lace fabric.

The Contre la Peau diamond necklace resembles a shimmering lace fabric. (Photo: Hermes)

The jaw-dropping A l’ecoute necklace is inspired by a stethoscope. Pave-set and baguette cut diamonds pair with green-yellow prehnite, blue-grey sapphire and brown, blue and pink tourmalines to form an architectural piece that drapes down the decolletage.

Drawing inspiration from a stethoscope, the A l'ecoute necklace features jewels such as a prehnite, sapphires and tourmalines. (Photo: Hermes)

The Faire Corps cuff, a modern high jewellery masterpiece, is made from satin-brushed rose gold, inlaid with pink quartz and orange moonstone cabochons.

The Faire Corps features pink quartz and orange moonstone cabochons set on a rose gold cuff. (Photo: Hermes)

The most expensive piece in the collection, however, is the Reseau Lumiere necklace, priced at S$1.865 million. The necklace features 282 pave-set and centrepiece white diamonds, amounting to a stunning 39.25 carats.

The Reseau Lumiere necklace is the most expensive piece on show. (Photo: Hermes)

Evidently, the stones featured in the collection were chosen not for their vibrancy or lustre. In fact, the colours are more subtle, almost pale, tying in line with Hardy’s vision of using the human body as inspiration.

“I wanted to use a range of gemstones in colours close to skin tone. I looked for flesh colours, shades specific to the complexion, the lips, or the iris. I looked for cloudy, milky materials to become one with the skin,” said Hardy in a press statement.

Fluid and light, pieces in the collection embrace the wearer, doubling as a second layer on the skin. “The whole collection resembles a caress. The necklaces are as soft as arms around the neck. I wanted the rings, too, to be at one with the body, and not simply a gemstone placed on a finger.”

The A l'ecoute ring features a green-yellow prehnite cabochon surrounded by pave-set baguette-cut diamonds, two baguette-cut diamonds and five brilliant-cut light brown diamonds. (Photo: Hermes)

“I love that the body holds so much symmetry; it is a wealth of mechanisms and articulations,” Hardy added. “The jewellery that I create attempts to bring to the surface these inherent facets of the human body, and to exalt them.”

Hermes’ Lignes Sensibles high jewellery collection is available for viewing at Hermes Liat Towers from Jul 29 to Aug 8, by appointment only. Interested parties may book an appointment at +65 6738 9807.

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Source: CNA/st(ds)