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Kane Lim’s dad gave him a US$1m watch in Bling Empire’s latest season. Here’s what you need to know

In the latest season of the hit Netflix reality series, Singaporean Kane Lim visits the Jacob & Co boutique in New York to pick up a gift from his dad, with co-star Kevin Kreider tagging along. We take a closer look at the stunning watch.

Kane Lim’s dad gave him a US$1m watch in Bling Empire’s latest season. Here’s what you need to know

Kane Lim (centre) and Kevin Kreider (right) visit the Jacob & Co boutique in New York. (Photo: Netflix)

What do you get from your Asian parents when you’ve made them proud? While most of us simply hope for some kind of acknowledgement, if you’re the son of a billionaire, you’ll apparently get a million-dollar watch.

In Bling Empire Season 3, Singaporean Kane Lim had big news to share. He was newly appointed as the face of Fenty, a beauty brand founded by singer Rihanna, and this achievement earned the approval of his dad, who surprised him with a Jacob & Co timepiece in episode 8 of the series.

Lim, together with co-star and best mate Kevin Kreider, went to New York to pick up the watch. The watch was revealed to be the Astronomia Art Phoenix by Jacob & Co. The American watch brand, founded in 1986 by diamond designer Jacob Arabo, is known to make some of the world’s most over-the-top and complicated watches. The Astronomia Art Phoenix is no exception.

Here are three facts about the stunning timepiece.


The Astronomia Art Phoenix is not just a watch; it’s basically a work of art on the wrist. This exquisite timepiece features a gold phoenix rising over the movement, encased in a dome-shaped sapphire crystal and precious metal case. The case allows for unhindered viewing of the spectacular calibre and the artwork inside.

(Photo: Screenshot/Netflix)

Along with the Phoenix, Kane’s version of the watch also features three-carat Jacob-cut diamond rotating on itself in 60 seconds, a hand-lacquered globe rotating on itself in 60 seconds, an hours and minutes sub-dial, as well as a triple-axis tourbillon.


Art takes time, and Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co, said in the episode that an artist took eight months to craft the phoenix from a single piece of gold. It was also engraved and finished by hand. According to the Jacob & Co website, the delicate wings of the phoenix are the hardest part to craft, as many were broken when the rough sculpture was cast. While engraving the wings, many of the pieces broke and had to be repaired.

(Photo: Jacob & Co)


Pondering about the price of the watch, Kreider said in the episode: “I’m kind of afraid to ask you how much your dad paid for it. Is it as much as your condo?”

Cue awkward laughter from Lim.

According to Monochrome Watches, the Astronomia Art Phoenix retails for US$1 million (S$1.4 million), available at the Jacob Four Season Hotel des Bergues boutique in Geneva. Considering that customisation of the timepiece was done for Kane, we reckon the final cost was likely higher. You know, just a casual gift from Dad.

(Photo: Screenshot/Netflix)

In the episode, Kreider and Lim were also presented with buddy watches from Jacob & Co to signify their friendship. The watch model appears to be the Epic X in titanium white, reportedly worth more than US$20,000.

Now where do we sign up to be Lim’s friend?

Source: CNA/st