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This S$44,475 perfume – yes, you read that right – has a special surprise

Looking for a gift for someone who already has it all? Henry Jacques’ Clic-Clac is an avant-garde perfume case with an intriguing opening mechanism.

This S$44,475 perfume – yes, you read that right – has a special surprise

The Henry Jacques Clic-Clac. (Photo: Henry Jacques)

There are regular perfume scents, and there are those that make a statement. Henry Jacques, a high-end French perfume-maker, concocts some of the world’s finest olfactive elixirs, worthy of the man or woman in your life who already has it all.

Now, if you’re buying the finest perfume in the world for a loved one, you’d want to ensure that it comes housed in the finest of cases. Enter the Clic-Clac – Henry Jacques’ “revolutionary” perfume accessory that houses its new collection of solid perfumes.

For the uninitiated, solid perfumes are essentially perfumes that come in a solid balm. To apply a solid perfume, the wearer need only pick up a small amount of wax on the fingertips, before dabbing it on his or her pulse points. 

The Clic-Clac case looks nondescript at first glance. But with a simple slide, it opens to reveal a single circular perfume capsule, ready for application. With a slight push, it closes shut again. The name Clic-Clac draws inspiration from the sound this contraption makes.

The Clic-Clac case appears nondescript at first glance. (Photo: Henry Jacques)

This mechanism took four years to develop, with the perfume house turning to Swiss watchmaking expertise. It is designed to withstand the wear of daily handling, and with a price tag starting at S$44,475, it really should.

The Clic-Clac mechanism opens to reveal a single circular perfume capsule. (Photo: Henry Jacques)

The Clic-Clac is available in precious materials such as titanium, carbon and gold. It can house all 50 of Henry Jacques’ Les Classiques scents in the form of interchangeable solid perfume capsules. The Clic-Clac is meant to be an everyday companion, sized to fit pockets and purses nicely.

If you’re willing to shell out over S$40,000 on a gift for someone really really important in your life, the Clic-Clac is available at Henry Jacques’ Marina Bay Sands boutique in Singapore.

Source: CNA/st/ds