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Double the fun: MB&F’s first ever chronograph is a two-in-one wonder

The independent – and always inventive – watchmaker is expanding its sporty EVO collection with a novel approach to chronographs.

In partnership with The Hour Glass.

Double the fun: MB&F’s first ever chronograph is a two-in-one wonder

MB&F LM Sequential EVO chronograph. (Photo: MB&F)

Maximillian Busser and his madcap band of watchmakers and designers at the Swiss watch brand MB&F have a tendency to create tickers that make you go “Wow!” followed quickly by “How?”

Even when looking at their Legacy Machines, a collection of watches that actually look like watches (instead of the bizarre but beautiful Horological Machines), it takes some study to understand everything that’s going on under those unusually high domed crystals.

So if you thought that the new LM Sequential EVO chronograph was finally a straightforward offering of everyone’s favourite sports complication, you would, of course, be mistaken.

The LM Sequential EVO is the second release in the sporty EVO family, following the LM Perpetual EVO perpetual calendar in 2020, and the brand’s first chronograph. It also houses MB&F’s 20th calibre in just 17 years, and boasts five new patents after almost five years of research and development.

The model comes with two dial plate options – one in atomic orange and the other in coal black. (Photo: MB&F)

Considering all these milestones, plus the fact that it was built in partnership with Stephen McDonnell, the man behind the LM Perpetual EVO, one can expect the LM Sequential EVO to be more than meets the eye.

The dial reveals two column wheel chronographs that take up the majority of the real estate, while the hours and minutes can be found in a tiny sub dial at six o’clock. Like all Legacy Machines, this one has the balance wheel suspended over the dial thanks to a polished bridge. But it’s not just a watch with two chronographs. It’s a watch with two chronograph functions.

Close-up of the dial. (Photo: MB&F)

Using a binary switch the brand calls the “Twinverter”, you can switch between split-second and lap timer modes – a combination that is unique to the LM Sequential EVO, which is exclusively available at The Hour Glass.

In short, the Twinverter links two discrete chronograph mechanisms. The pushers on the right control the chronograph on the right, where the top one starts and stops the mechanism while the bottom one resets it. The pushers on the left do the same for the left chronograph.

Here is where it gets fun. A fifth pusher at 9 o’clock activates the Twinverter. Doing so while both chronographs are inactive will start both simultaneously. Similarly, if both are running, hitting the Twinverter will stop both at the same time. If only one of the chronographs is running, the Twinverter will halt the running one and start the dormant one.

The LM Sequential EVO features a bezel-less zirconium case. Visible through the sapphire case back are hand decoration like Geneva stripes and bevelling on the 585-component movement. (Photo: MB&F)

This effectively means you can use the LM Sequential EVO to time two events to start at the same time. Split-second chronographs can do the same thing, but this one does so with a whole lot more action.

Like its predecessor, the LM Sequential EVO features a bezel-less zirconium case, a material touted by the brand to be hypoallergenic, lighter than steel, and tougher than titanium. The dial plates are available in “atomic orange” or “coal black” – both options that will make this a snazzy weekend accessory.

Through the sapphire crystal case back you will be able to view hand decoration like Geneva stripes and bevelling on the 585-component movement. The 44mm by 18.2mm manually wound watch comes with an integrated rubber strap, and a screw-down crown that gives it a water resistance of 80m.

Source: CNA/mm