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Bored of the usual black, white or silver dials? Try going green instead

CNA Luxury explores five new watches with green dials that will make you stand out from the crowd.

If orange is the new black, then green is the new blue, at least when it comes to watch dials. For the past five years or more, blue dials have dominated watchmaking. But while the different shades of blue have helped add a touch of vibrancy and sophistication, watch manufacturers are always looking for the next big thing to help their products stand out from the pack.

This year, green dials are proving to be that point of differentiation. Unlike their blue counterparts, these green newbies offer a decidedly different character to the watches, often making them more utilitarian and rugged. Here are five of the best options if you decide to go green.


(Photo: IWC)

The Spitfire line in IWC’s Pilot’s Watch collection has quite a few references with a bronze-and-green combination. But if we had to pick one, it’d be the Chronograph. What better way to add to your collection than with one of the most iconic IWC watches paying tribute to one of the most iconic flying machines of all time – the Spitfire. The bronze case will develop a patina over time, revealing even more character.


(Photo: MB&F)

On its own, MB&F’s Legacy Machine Split Escapement is already an intriguing watch. The balance wheel appears just below the highest point of the domed crystal and beats at a sedate 2.5Hz (which is slower than the 4Hz of most modern mechanical movements). That was the impetus to create this complication, to offer a watch that celebrates the integral function of the balance wheel. The name Split Escapement refers to how the rest of this regulating organ is hidden under the dial, almost 12mm below. Now adding more intrigue is a new model in titanium with a green CVD-treated dial. The dial sports a sun-ray finish that imparts a pearlescent quality as it catches the light from different angles.


(Photo: Montblanc)

Montblanc’s new 1858 Collection was inspired by Minerva watches of the 1920s and 1930s that were conceived for military use and exploration. The three watches in the collection – the Geosphere Limited Edition; Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition; and Automatic Limited Edition – are fitted with bronze cases and khaki green dials. We particularly like the Automatic model as the watch comes sans a second hand, which gives the impression that time is slowing down when in fact the watch is keeping time accurately.


(Photo: Patek Philippe)

Patek Philippe’s unexpected choice of khaki green on the new Aquanaut caused quite the stir at Baselworld this year. But, like 2015’s Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, it didn’t take long for enthusiasts to warm to the novelty. The watch is housed in the new white gold “Jumbo” case that was launched in 2017 to commemorate the Aquanaut’s 20th anniversary. At 42.2mm, the case is the largest in the Aquanaut collection, but Patek manages to retain its elegance by keeping its profile as thin as possible (it has a height of only 8.25mm).


Rolex and other leading watchmakers will not exhibit at MCH Group's Baselworld watch and jewellery trade show in 2021. (Photo: Rolex)

The new generation of the Day-Date 36 is offered in what Rolex is calling a green ombre dial that starts out bright in the centre and darkens on the outer edges. As is characteristic of the model that was first launched in 1956, the date is displayed in the 3 o’clock position (magnified with a cyclops lens) while the day is indicated, in full and in an arc at 12 o’clock. Together with the yellow gold case and gem-set indexes, the green dial makes a compelling case for anyone wanting to assert their status.

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Source: CNA/ds